3 Ways to Hold an Online Vision Board Workshop if Your Social Circle is Spread All Over the Country or World

Vision boards are all the rage these last few years because they allow the creator to dig deep into their hearts and really verbalize what kind of lifestyle they want. Simply thinking about their current lives and what they would like to change is a good start. To get more excited about the vision board […]

5 Ways to Set Up a Vision Board Party to Enhance Your Communication, Social and Personal Accomplishments

5 Ways to Set Up a Vision Board Party to Enhance Your Communication, Social and Personal Accomplishments

Even if you work on vision boards for and by yourself, running a vision board party for your small circle of family and friends is one way to take care of multiple goals at once. An intimate gathering for a vision board party will help you enhance your: Communication (because you will have to utilize […]

CONVERSATION: Super Soul Conversations

Need I say more? Oprah is a master at communication. She is a master at interviews. She is one you want to learn from when it comes to improving your communication skills. A great podcast is Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. Check it out here  

7 ways to ease anxiety in chaotic times

If you have a super busy personal and professional schedule, juggling everything can sometimes be difficult.   You may worry about getting everything done or keeping everyone in your life happy. Sometimes it might just seem easier to freeze from frustration instead of addressing head-on what is causing your anxiety head.

AFFIRMATIONS: Quote of the Day Podcast – Sean Croxton

The Quote of the Day Show hosted by Sean Croxton is one of my favorites  You get the perfect dose of motivation and TRUTH that will fuel your day. He spotlights a quote on each episode in a manner that is not overwhelming. It is just enough so you can ponder on that thought and […]

CONVERSATION: Bill Moyers and Maya Angelou

Bill Moyers sits down for the first time with one of the most influential literary voices of our time, Maya Angelou.

EPISODE: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – Jerry Seinfeld with guest Judd Apatow – “Escape From Syosset”

EPISODE: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – S08E03 – Jerry Seinfeld with Guest Judd Apatow – “Escape From Syosset” – Jun 30, 2016 Original link: http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/judd-apatow-escape-from-syosset

CONVERSATION: Oprah and Barbara Walters

Oprah and Barbara Walters conversation

SPEECH: Bill Clinton’s 2016 DNC Speech (pay attention to his great storytelling)

Bill Clinton’s 2016 DNC Speech (pay attention to his great storytelling)

CONVERSATION: President Obama and The Wire Creator David Simon

A Conversation with President Obama and The Wire Creator David Simon

CONVERSATION: In Conversation with Pharrell Williams (NPR)

In Conversation with Pharrell Williams (NPR)

CONVERSATION: Reclaiming Conversation™ Podcast by Sherry Turkle

Reclaiming Conversation™ Podcast with Host Sherry Turkle

TEDtalks Playlist: The Art of Meaningful Conversation

The Art of Meaningful Conversation – TedTalks Playlist <<<CLICK HERE

TALK: Reclaiming Conversation with Sherry Turkle

Reclaiming Conversation Professor Sherry Turkle talked about her book Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age, in which she examines the impact of the digital age on traditional conversation. <<< CLICK HERE (conversation starts 9 minutes into the video, 09:00)  

FUNNY: Key and Peele Skit – Awkward Conversation

This is a funny skit about “a lunch chat that turns tense when one of the diners confronts the other about his annoying conversation habits.”

Road tripping while shy

If you’re looking for fun and adventure but you’re shy, anxious or just plain wary of solo travel; plan a road trip with a few friends. It’s a great way to explore new places. A bonus –  you have your own ride so you can go where you want and you have a built-in support […]

Tips For Shies: Prepping for a New Year’s job interview

The New Year is a time for transformation.  Many people make resolutions like quitting smoking, starting an exercise routine, or saving more money.  However, some people decide to make very major changes.  If one’s goal is to enjoy life to the fullest or spend more time with family, a career change may be a priority […]

diary of a shy black woman series #001 – flashback

This is a new series.  A flashback series into an old blog I used to write. I’ve come a long way and am so glad I documented my experience back then.  Hope you enjoy and stay for the ride.  Hopefully my old readers find me on this new platform.  My experience is one that many […]

Planning a holiday gathering (for those less inclined to party)

Are you planning a holiday gathering?  Are you concerned about how to put it all together?  Well no need to worry.  By paying attention to a few details, you can plan a party that your guests will remember and look forward to attending year after year.