7 ways to ease anxiety in chaotic times

If you have a super busy personal and professional schedule, juggling everything can sometimes be difficult.   You may worry about getting everything done or keeping everyone in your life happy. Sometimes it might just seem easier to freeze from frustration instead of addressing head-on what is causing your anxiety head.


When life happens and you’re swirling in a world of chaos, you can turn to a few tried and true ways to ease your mind and feel like you are in control.



The trick about counting backwards from ten actually works. Close your eyes and breathe in, then out. If you can, clear your mind and focus on the breath. When your heart is racing and your mind is in overdrive, this can help you calm your thoughts and concentrate.


Make A List

When you get overwhelmed, stop for five to ten minutes and make a list of everything that is floating around in your head. When you make your list, go back to each item and add a time frame to it. Is it a five minute project or a fifty minute project?



You can prioritize your to-do list in several ways. Perhaps you like to complete activities or projects based on difficulty. Another option is to prioritize based on due dates. Some people like to knock out their chaos by tackling projects from the least to most time consuming.



Chances are that the thing, person or activity that is causing your anxiety is not terribly unique. Take some time to think about other circumstances and recall how you handled them. Apply some of those same strategies with what is adding to your chaos.



A little bit of cardio goes a long way. When you’re stressed, exercise can force you to take deep breaths and focus. It can also release endorphins that make you feel better and relax. Workout your frustrations with 30 – 45 minutes of quality exercise a day.


Adjust Your Diet

Late night snackage will make you feel bad, which can make you feel like you’re moving through a fog, which makes it hard for you to accomplish your goals. Eat plenty of lean protein and healthy carbs to boost your energy and make you feel good both inside and out.


Talk It Out

Remember that you don’t have to struggle with your anxiety in silence. Sometimes talking through your chaos with a friend, loved one or professional is the best way to help you focus on what is most important. Having an ear to listen to your concerns and a support system is incredibly important.


The next time that you have to much on your plate, try one of these tried and true strategies to help you calm the chaos and reduce your anxiety levels.


by writer, Tommeka Semien

Tommeka Semien is a non-profit professional, mom of three and two extras, operator of LN2 Consulting, freelance writer and blogger at www.luckyno2.com.

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