Britney Spears and shyness

The people you would probably not consider to be shy are celebrities. Based on the kind of work they do, many wouldn’t expect these personalities to deal with shyness or, even, social anxiety. It’s difficult to imagine a person who is always in the spotlight could be uncomfortable talking with strangers or being the center of attention. These celebrities may be outgoing and bubbly on the outside, as their careers require them to be so, but many tend to feel more comfortable away from the limelight.

One such celebrity is Britney Spears, known for both her singing and dancing skills. She’s been on stage since the 1990’s. Britney is used to performing in front of large crowds, showing off her talents. But it’s not known to many that Britney is shy. She’s shared that she feels awkward during interviews because they are conducted by people she doesn’t know well.

Image courtesy of Graphics Mouse - FreeDigitalPhotos
Image courtesy of Graphics Mouse – FreeDigitalPhotos

Another factor that adds up to Britney shyness is the fact that interviews and the like are done in front of the camera, going beyond an intimate conversation to being more of a public speaking event. Yes, she may perform often, but it’s quite different. She knows what she’s doing when she sings and dances in the crowd, but being in front of different people who ask her a lot of questions tops her most awkward moments.

Celebrities are people, too. And shy celebrities are people that have decided not to let their shyness get in the way of their dreams. Shy people can be anywhere and everywhere – it could be the person you sit next to on the bus, it could be a celebrity, or maybe it could even be you.

Written by Isabelle Renarde

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