Extroverts and introverts in college

Each person has a different kind of personality. The two main personality types are the extrovert and the introvert. Both has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For people in their college years, the type of personality they have plays a big role in the success in living through the said period. There is an estimate of 50.7% extroverts and 49.3% introverts living in the United States. How can the extrovert and introvert traits affect their daily living as college students?

Image courtesy of collegematchup.net
Image courtesy of collegematchup.net

It is said that extroverts are more social, active and lively than introverts. On the other hand, introverts prefer to be alone, passive, but are said to be innovative too. Extroverts, being very outgoing, are known to able to befriend people easier. This leads to networking, which makes it easier for the extroverts to get jobs in the future because of the people they know. In class, there are professors who give marks to active participation and recitations, which makes it advantageous for extroverts. Group projects are easier for them because they can get along with people well. However, the disadvantages of extroverts include a limited time for study and a strict budget because of their tendency to allot more time for socialization.

Nowadays there are colleges that offer students an option to study online-only degree programs. This is the type of study environment introverts would prefer because they can focus more and be less distracted from the people surrounding them. Excelling academically is easier for introverts when they study alone or in small groups. It is never easy for introverts to work harmoniously with a mix of people most especially if the introvert does not know them well. Because of their lack of social skills, there are times when they miss out on certain opportunities because they do not have enough connections both academically and professionally.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Both personalities have their strong and weak points. The extrovert and introvert traits may differ, but not all people in that personality have all those characteristics. Being an extrovert does not guarantee success upon graduating, and likewise, being an introvert does not make one a failure. Success comes from the person himself, no matter what kind of personality he has.

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