Leverage Halloween: Uncover Your Confidence

Why not use Halloween to assist in uncovering your confidence? You can try dressing up as a character or person you admire. One that is a close match to who you know you are at your core and at your best! Even if it is a spooky or scary character, what can you draw from that as you take on that persona for a day?  Maybe it is a way to be one with your fears and to understand the challenge fears are presenting to you to make you better?  Deep, right?  LOL. But seriously – you can connect with your authentic self with any character you take on if you are making that link and either exuding the best or learning from the weakness in a way that makes you grow.

This year, despite making huge strides in whipping social anxiety’s behind, I’m still going to leverage the power of Janet Jackson as a pathway to allow my inner dance goddess to shine through – circa the ‘Rhythm Nation’ era! I may post a photo on my social media pages so be sure to follow me! I’m constantly working to make myself better because I compare myself to myself and want to continue to make strides. Halloween is a fun way to do some of that work.

If you’re invited to a Halloween shindig this year – for work, school, etc, why not take them up on that offer this year and make an appearance as a character that has a characteristic you’d like to hone within yourself? The key is to know that you have it inside you already. When you can make that authentic connection, you won’t feel icky or feel like you’re faking it.

Use Halloween as a personal development opportunity. Make that connection between that ideal and what is already inside you and let the festivities of costumes and fun help make a smooth path for you to walk through – in all your glory.

And remember: set boundaries for yourself beforehand – i.e. let the host know you are staying for x amount of hours, make it clear that you are opting out of activities that you really don’t want to feel pressured into such as karaoke, etc. You can also offer to arrive earlier than others so you can help with any decorations.  Be sure to bring a treat!

When you ease your worries beforehand you end up not only enjoying the event but staying longer than expected – and who knows, you might end up feeling comfortable participating in activities such as karaoke!

If you have no Halloween plans, don’t want to make or partake in any plans, or if you simply prefer to chill on your own, that is perfectly okay! In the spirit of Halloween, don’t forget to TREAT yourself! No tricks!

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