Road tripping while shy

If you’re looking for fun and adventure but you’re shy, anxious or just plain wary of solo travel; plan a road trip with a few friends. It’s a great way to explore new places. A bonus –  you have your own ride so you can go where you want and you have a built-in support system to make you feel safe and secure. All it takes is a little bit of planning and a spirit of adventure to enjoy a few days of fun with friends.

To make your trip memorable, you need to mark a few things off of your check list. First, you need to know where you’re going and how you’ll get there. Second, you need to bring a few must-have items along (think beyond beach wear and shades). Third, be sure to travel with the purpose of having fun and making great memories.

Logistics: Choose a date, location, trip buddies and make a list of things to do. Don’t allow yourself to get overstimulated and stressed. Plan some time to be alone. My friends know that I need a bit of silence sometimes. So if I disappear for AM yoga, a short walk or a Pinterest binge, they let it go. The “hostess” (choose wisely) is responsible for brewing the coffee and waiting for us to arrive at the table for morning chatter.

Choose a Good Book: If you’re not a member of a book club, no fear. GoodReads has plenty of recommendations for you. Their Summer Reading 2017 list is full of reader favorites. From classics like Of Mice and Men to recently released romance, empowerment, and mystery, you’ll surely find a book or two that captures your attention. Bonus: reading is a great way to spend a little scheduled alone time.

Grab Your Favorite Bottle of Wine: The part of my road trips that I look forward to the most is gabbing with the girls over a good bottle of wine. To help you wind down at the end of a jam packed day, go for a tried and true California wine like a Kendall Jackson chardonnay; Ravenswood zinfandel; a Bogle sauvignon blanc; or a pinot noir from Castle Rock. These options all come in under $15 and are popular enough to find just about anywhere.

Road Trip Snackage: When I take a road trip with my family, I load the car up with spicy snacks, coffee, muffins, fresh fruit and bottled water. However, when I hang out with my girlfriends, we indulge in a bit of Costco mac and cheese. Pop a pan in the oven before you go; scoop it into a heat rated container; and you’ll be able to enjoy a little bit of comfort food on your way to your destination. (don’t forget the disposable cups and spoons)

Memory Makers: Finally, the reason that you take a road trip with friends is to make memories. Use your cell phone to snap photos and add them to private messages or albums that you can share with friends and family. Go old school and bring a disposable camera to take candid photos that can’t be screened for approval. Print those digital photos or develop your films and make an actual scrapbook to share with each of your friends.

Now that warm weather has arrived, a road trip with friends is a great way to relax and unwind. Planning the actual trip might just be the hardest part. Once you’re on the road, be sure to enjoy your time with your friends; don’t sweat the small stuff; and relish the special memories that you’ll make together.

by writer, Tommeka Semien

Tommeka Semien is a non-profit professional, mom of three and two extras, operator of LN2 Consulting, freelance writer and blogger at

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