Turning self-doubt into lemonade

Usually when self-doubt creeps in, I’ve noticed there is something that needs to be filled, always internally and sometimes externally (or both).

Think about it, when you doubt someone else, what’s usually the reason behind that doubt?

  • Maybe you don’t trust them because of what they’ve done in the past.
  • Maybe you don’t have enough proof that leads you to believe in what they’re saying to you.
  • Maybe their promises seem unrealistic. By unrealistic I’m referring to alignment + action, NOT big dreams (I believe in dreaming big!)

So flip this on yourself and get to the root of your SELF-doubt.

  • Do you trust yourself based on your past actions?
  • Do you have evidence that what you say you’ll do is not simply an empty promise to yourself?
  • Are your goals realistic? What I mean by that is: are your goals broken down into chunks that keep them manageable?

Self doubt is defined as:

“lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities”.

To reverse self doubt, it requires confidence in oneself and one’s abilities.

  • Assess why this self-doubt is creeping in or has arrived
  • Brainstorm what you half-stepped on because “ain’t no half-steppin” allowed!

  • Make a list of what you can do TODAY to fill the gap
  • What challenges might get in the way when you start working on those things on your list? What will you do to minimize those challenges?
  • Now you have somewhat of a strategy so get to work! PUT ACTION BEHIND THIS PLAN!

When it comes to shyness and anxiety, self doubt can keep you in a state of stagnation.

Olemonade-1ne where you’re dreaming big but not acting big.

One where you’re crippled by low self-esteem and weakened by the energy around you.

A state where you’re waiting for someone to save you and you don’t realize your own power.

When you feel self-doubt creeping in, turn that sour feeling into lemonade!

Even Beyonce sees the value into turning life’s pains into power!

We all go through it no matter what stage you’re in in your life’s journey so GO FOR YOURS!


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