Social anxiety and politics

We’re in an election year and this has me thinking about you!

Some people say votes don’t count. Others say votes do count and our ancestors died for our right to vote.

Something about a vote is very powerful – whether politically or outside of the realm of politics.

A vote is synonymous with your voice.  It is a statement – in and of itself. And too often, you don’t share your voice and thus the entire idea of voting can possibly create anxiety OR create relief! And that is why I want to hear from you. What is your experience?

Politics is one of those things that when brought up in conversation – can go very wrong and create heightened tension as emotions bubble to the surface. (IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY AND MANY TIMES IT ISN’T THAT WAY. MANY TIMES IT CREATES COMPELLING CONVERSATION)

That very possibility of a heated argument blowing up is THE VERY THING that keeps those with social anxiety and shyness fearful of conversation and social interaction. That fear of the worse case scenario.

I’m a firm believer that hot topics like religion, race, and politics are important but it’s all about how the parties in the conversation approach the topic.  

  • What is the intention?
  • Are they LISTENING?
  • Are they speaking from a place of love instead of fear?

What if one person seems to be trying to start an argument and then others follow their lead?

How do you compose yourself so that you’re not negatively impacted to the point where you take the low road or you freeze or you “run away”?


I’m interested in learning about your experience around social anxiety and voting and social anxiety and the political discourse.

Has your anxieties every kept you out of the voting booth? Do you go mute in political conversations?

I’m also interested in knowing if you anxieties have done the opposite and propelled you to vote as it was a quiet way of making a loud noise?

Share anything about your experience and what your challenges are.

Whether you choose to vote (I’ll be voting) or not, make sure you vote for yourself by showing up for yourself every day!

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