Tips For Shies: Prepping for a New Year’s job interview

The New Year is a time for transformation.  Many people make resolutions like quitting smoking, starting an exercise routine, or saving more money.  However, some people decide to make very major changes.  If one’s goal is to enjoy life to the fullest or spend more time with family, a career change may be a priority for 2017.
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Social Anxiety and Thanksgiving (or Christmas, or any other holiday)

When I look back at the many years that I dealt with social anxiety during the holidays (specifically, Thanksgiving) and how I dreaded the inevitable pressure to eat at the table with everyone else, I can actually say thank you to my old self.  Yes it was hard but look how far we’ve come.  Yes, it felt like I couldn’t do it but I made it through, year after year.  I used the discomfort as my motivator.  I would say, I have to work on this because I can’t live like this for the rest of my life.  It gets better.

(I feel like I repeat this often, but social anxiety is different from shyness.  I’ve dealt with both.  I am not 100% over my anxieties because a certain level of anxiety is simply just being human, but social anxiety is no longer a crippling factor for me. So I digress…) It gets better. Continue reading