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Small Talk: Can you be great at it?

Silence…  Perfectly fine if you are all alone.  However, in social situations, it is just kind of expected that you’ll talk to others.  If the thought of being a “Chatty Kathy” or “Chatty Kenneth” makes you want to steer clear of others in social settings, here are some thoughts on how you can come to appreciate and be great at small talk. Continue reading “Small Talk: Can you be great at it?” »

The very thing you are avoiding is going to peel away shyness!

Conversation can feel icky when you’re painfully shy – but it wasn’t always that way, butterfly!

Something or a collective of things happened to you in your life journey that caused you to look at people and conversation as something to avoid. An overwhelming fear took over you.

The immediate gratification of avoiding people and conversation conflicts with the emptiness it renders over time coupled with the friction toward your big dreams.

There has to be a happy medium for you.

You need an effective way to repair your broken relationship with communication – itself.

Here are 3 tips:

  • Don’t worry about being interesting.
    • Just be
    • Throw out that notion and take that pressure off – give it back to whoever gave it to you in the first place!
    • You are not a sideshow
    • You are not here to entertain
  • Be Interested
    • Be interested in others
    • I know you already are but the preoccupation and overwhelming anxiety is putting up a barrier and you are not able to FLOW – mentally and conversationally, as a result
    • You’re a good listener BUT your own thoughts are NOISY and DISTRACTING you from HEARING what others are saying
  • Get organized
    • Update and Uplevel your TO DO LIST life
    • This will free the muddle of thought chaos that is drowning out your ability to focus in conversation
    • I use Evernote. (<<< that’s my referral link)

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